opportunity with several perspectives

With Vagus, PreHypo and reQbo

MEDICUS engineering ApS

Founded in 2001 as a research and development company
Focuses entirely on development, production and sales of medical devices
MEDICUS engineering’s quality management system complies with ISO 13485
MEDICUS engineering’s product portfolio includes:

A new game changing diagnostic device
Clinical validated and patented
Recently introduced on the market

Hypo prediction B2B software for diabetes patients
Patented algorithm
Clinical validated

20% ownership of reQbo ApS
Ulcer preventing solution
Patented algorithms and device

A new game changing diagnostic device

Vagus Test Kit Contains:
1x Vagus™ Device
2x Electrodes
2x Single Use Mouthpieces
1x Printed Manual
1x Test Pad
1x SD Memory Card
2x AA (LR6) Batteries
1x Storage Case

Cardiovascular Autonomic Neuropathy (CAN) is a common and revisable complication in diabetes, though not only in diabetes. Today, 1 in 11 adults are living with diabetes or a staggering 463 million people and 10% of global health expenditure is spent on the disease. The annual expenditures are $ 324 billion in the US and $ 161 billion in Europe. 50% of people are estimated to have CAN after ten years of diabetes. Patients with CAN have a five-fold increased risk of mortality due to a high-risk of cardiac arrhythmias, silent myocardial ischaemia and sudden death. CAN is associated with increased risk of preventable and treatable complications: hypoglycemia, blood pressure instability and sleep apnea. Screening for CAN is recommended according to international guidelines (ADA and EASD) once per year for all patient with diabetes. Different laboratory tools exist to diagnose CAN. However, these systems are advanced- and cost-intensive.

Vagus™ Ongoing production and CE marked class IIa medical diagnostic device, with single use utensils.
Vagus™ is the only device suited, and clinical validated, for the internationally recommended large scale screening of CAN. The entire test takes 5-8 minutes and is easy to fit into clinical practice. MD assistance is not required.
Vagus™ list price is 75% of the purchase price of laboratory devices. Consumables (electrodes and single-use mouthpieces) list price is 50% of laboratory devices.
Vagus™ is currently used by more than 20 hospitals in Scandinavia, UK, France.
Vagus™ has a clear pathway to FDA 510(k). Reimbursement for diagnostic Vagus tests in the US is already in place and the ROI of the Vagus device is within 3 weeks.
Vagus™ is NHS approved for UK based hospitals.

We are currently in negotiations with distribution partners for Vagus in the US – Vagus.com

40 min prediction of hypoglycemia using only CGM data

Hypoglycemia, low blood sugar, is a potentially life-threatening condition for people diabetes. As many as 10% of all deaths in patients with type 1 diabetes result from hypoglycemia. From the patient or parent perspective there is always a fear of hypoglycemia. Data from the UK NHS showed that, over a 12-month period, there were more than 12,000 emergency hospital admissions for patients with diabetes due to hypoglycemia, resulting in more than 69,000 bed days due to a primary diagnosis of hypoglycemia. The digital diabetes management market is projected to reach almost $20b by 2024.

MEDICUS engineering’s clinically validated and patented software algorithm PreHypo™ has been updated during 2020-2021.

MEDICUS has demonstrated in 5 clinical trials from 2014-2021 that PreHypo™ yields a significantly higher performance - both in prediction time and sensitivity.


Digital Pressure Injury Preventive Solutions

In the US alone, 60,000 patients dies from pressure ulcer complications each year. Annual cost of treating pressure ulcers is app. $11 billion. In addition, tens of thousands of lawsuits are filed each year against hospitals with claims of malpractice due to patients acquiring pressure injuries while hospitalized.

reQbo ApS product, Q-Scale, is a digital application that identifies patients at risk of developing pressure ulcers with >2x improved predictability when compared to the golden standard. Q-Scale is a digital and dynamic risk scale that uses machine learning to predict pressure ulcers before they occur.

  • Digitalization: All initial patient data are entered directly on the digital platform instead of in a separate system
  • Dynamic Automation: Algorithm applied to a constant flow of data from a pressure mat provides an individual, constant, dynamic assessment of what that patient needs given his/her specific risk profile.

The full history of how a patient was placed in bed while hospitalized is automatically saved, providing an important documentation tool, significantly reducing the risk of litigation due to hospital-acquired pressure injuries.

reQbo ApS is owned by MEDICUS engineering, Trifork A/S and 3 business angels.



MEDICUS quality management system Complies with the requirements of: ISO 13485:2016/NS-EN ISO 13485:2016

  • Vagus TM


    ISO 13485:2016/NS-EN ISO 13485:2016


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opportunity with several perspectives

With Vagus, PreHypo and reQbo